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Ciley Aesthetics offers a professional and confidential service of Advanced Specialist Aesthetic Procedures to both Men and Woman of all ages, provided by a team of 2 Qualified Registered Nurses, including a Nurse Prescriber, - Both trained by Medics Direct.  With over 7 years experience in the Aesthetics Industry Ciley Aesthetics continues to grow a large client base built mainly through reputation and referral believes aesthetic nursing is a vocation that requires a caring, honest and artistic approach in providing the best results. At Ciley Aesthetics you will only ever receive a professional, evidence based opinion, that is based essentially around maintaining natural beauty and will always encourage you to have only the treatments you would really benefit from rather than those not necessary, ensuring your expectations are met and costs are kept to a sensible amount.

There are many elements to antiageing and at Ciley Aesthetics we feel it is essential to able to provide a holistic approach to ageing and skin care from the beginning, these important elements are as follows:

  • - FOOD INTOLERANCE TESTING - our diet is fundamental to the way our skin looks and acts, the skin is the largest organ of the body and we feel it is important to remember that 'we are what we eat' and that a large proportion of us have food intolerances which in turn can affect the way our body functions including how our skin reacts, we therefore provide Food Intolerance Testing for anyone experiencing stubborn skin conditions, or general health affecting ailments such as IBS.  A detailed Food Intolerance Test provides the education for a sufferer to improve their general health and wellbeing by being given the information and advice to change their daily diet with help, support, and referral when needed.  PLEASE ASK TO SPEAK TO MICAELA FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR VISIT OUR FOOD INTOLERANCE TESTING FACEBOOK PAGE - FIT FOOD INTOLERANCE TESTING.

  • -  it is essential that if you require assistance with something we are not expert in that you are sign posted to the correct person, Ciley Aesthetics works alongside other professionals for support and advice and referral to be assessed by those professionals, this would only be with your consent.

  • - we provide a large variety of prescribed cosmecuticals, as well as more basic over the counter skin care ranges - an on line catalogue available, there are many various skin care regimes to suit various skin conditions.

  • - we believe that Lasers are essential in providing treatments for varying skin conditions and ageing, Ciley Aesthetics will be providing Lasers treatments such as Laser Rejuvenation, Tattoo Removal, Lipo Laser, IPL Hair Removal etc -  available Spring 2017

  •   - Botox® and Dermal Fillers are an immediate and effective way of antiageing and age reversal by providing a way of maintaining a visible youthful complexion, at the same time maintaining natural facial expression because at Ciley Aesthetics we have the skill and experience to be able to maintain your natural look yet look years younger without anyone realising you've had any treatments if you prefer.

  • - we provide one of the best ranges of Chemical Peels available - Enerpeels, they are a new technology of Peel with much less downtime with the same if not better results.  Other brands such as Neostrata are also available on request.

  • - we provide courses of Collagen Stimulation treatments with a combined use of Meso therapy for the most effective results


Ciley Aesthetics also offers a large variety of VAT free skin care range including creams, lotions, serums and make up that are available for treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, , acne, scarring, rejuvenation, psoriasis, dermatitis, hyperpigmentation, and many more skin conditions/complaints.  Some of these products are not available in shops, but can be prescribed to you - VISIT OUR ON LINE SHOP AVAILABLE THE END OF NOVEMBER.

Please check out the following pages for further detailed information on the treatments we provide, how to book an appointment and how to contact us, and about us, opening hours and Before and After Photos.

Ciley Aesthetics is based in Tisdalls Hair & Beauty Salon in Bishops Stortford, but does provide treatments from many other locations around Hertfordshire, Essex, London and surrounding areas.

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  • Botox®
  • Azzalure®
  • Bocouture®


  • Juvederm® Ultra Range
  • Juvederm Vycross® Range
  • Teosyal
  • Belotero
  • Intraline
  • Restylane
  • Perthecta

Chemical Peels

  • Enerpeels
  • Neostrata

Skin Needling

  • Genuine Derma Roller
  • Dermapen

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